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Comparative Report Pacific Region Electricity Bills 2018

Sixth report of the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) on electricity bills (electricity tariff) comparisons for the Pacfic  Island Countries and Territories.

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to provide a comparison of electricity prices paid by customers in Vanuatu with customers in different small Pacific island countries across region.

Pacific Fuel Price Monitor - January - March 2019 (Quarter1.2019)

The Pacific Fuel Price Monitor highlights the quarterly average(January - March 2019) Petroleum prices in the Pacific Island Countries inclusive of Australia and New Zealand.

Pacific Maritime Watch ISSUE 75

Bula and welcome to the Pacific Maritime Watch Issue 75 - from the Pacific Community (SPC) Oceans and Maritime Programme at Nabua, Fiji.

This is the first edition of Pacific Maritime Watch for 2019!

In this newsletter it covers

- Maritime Energy,

- Women in Maritime,

- Maritime Safety,

- Maritime Legal and

- Ocean.

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Fuel Pricing in Fiji


This paper looks at the fuel pricing structure in Fiji for unleaded petrol and diesoline. It examines the components of the final retail prices, and shows that there is a component which remains unexplained by the pricing template used in Fiji. This component could be said to reflect the oligopoly rent which oil companies in Fiji are deriving.

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Renewable Energy Costs in the Pacific - Final Report

Collation of renewable energy infrastructure project cost data in the Pacific

Aim: To analyse the capital cost of large solar photovoltaic (PV), wind and hydro generation projects bulit in the Pacific over the past 10 years.

Objectives: Improve renewable energy project design and implementation through the provisions of reliable, comparable capital cost data.

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Nauru Utilities Corporation Annual report 2017

The following NUC annual report for 2017 captures the period 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017.

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Application an agreement for Street lights - Yap State Public Service Corporation FSM

The followiing captures the typical agreement between YSPSC and customers in yap over the use of street lights.Template is active or valid since 2013.

University of the South Pacific (USP) - ENERGY MANAGEMENT PLAN 2015

The initiative of sustainability is driven from the top management of the university. The Energy Management Plan supplements the Strategic Theme of ‘Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change’ from the USP Strategic Plan 2013-2018. To implement the theme the Energy Efficiency Working Group (EEWG) has been formed.

2018 Quarter 1: Pacific Fuel Price Monitor (PFPM)

This report captures the Pacific Fuel Price Monitor for the first quarter (Jan -March 2018). Reviews are based on analysis of Means of Platts Singapore(MOPS), Benchmark Saudi Aramco LPG prices(sourced from 3MCO) and Pacific Fuel Prices on an quarterly average (source from Pacific Island countries).

The report captures:

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