Support to the establishment of national sustainable energy industry associations

Particularly, early stage island projects face similar technical and financial barriers which can be addressed more effectively through common bundling, mentoring and knowledge exchange. Moreover, a weakly developed domestic sustainable energy industry and innovation chain in PICTs is a major bottleneck for the further uptake and sustainability of sustainable energy markets. In contrast to fossil fuel based solutions (e.g. diesel generators), the supply and logistical chains for sustainable energy solutions remain underdeveloped and products and services are either not available of lack of quality.

Therefore, the domestic value and job creation effects along the value chain of sustainable energy investments (manufacturing and distribution, project planning and development, construction and installation, operation and maintenance, decommissioning and recycling) remains often very limited. PCREEE supports regional activities to mitigate the barriers for sustainable energy investments, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Examples for potential activities under the first operational phase:

  • Establish a database of RE&EE priority investment projects in the residential, commercial and industry sectors in partnership with PICTs and other relevant institutions;
  • Organize regular investment, innovation and business forums in partnership with PICTs and other financial institutions and mechanisms (e.g. ADB, PFAN);
  • Design and test innovative renewable energy financing schemes and business models for rural off-grid and mini-grid projects in partnership with financial institutions and mechanisms;
  • Execute a PICTs market assessment and develop a regional strategy to promote domestic sustainable energy entrepreneurs, products and services with high value and job creation potentials;
  • Contribute to the creation of platforms, strategies and networks to mainstream sustainable energy into existing innovation, industrial development and small and medium-sized enterprise policies;
  • Assist PICTs in the creation of sustainable energy clusters and technology centers;
  • Facilitate sustainable energy networks between SMEs, industrial clusters, national ministries, academia, associations, financing institutions, foundations, venture capitals within PICTs and abroad.
  • Work with financial institutions on the execution of call for proposals to support sustainable energy investments and entrepreneurs;
  • Develop and execute a clean-tech program to promote RE&EE business innovations;
  • Collect lessons learned and develop a manual for sustainable energy start-up companies;
  • Act as a facilitator for companies and promising start-ups to take advantage of the growing sustainable energy market opportunities in the Caribbean
  • Creating better linkages between applied science and entrepreneurs


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