Energy Efficiency Guidelines for Commercial & Public Buildings in the Pacific: Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific (Phase 2)

This report was prepared by the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC). The document has been produced with the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank.

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A Whole of Sector Approach to Energy Development in the Pacific Islands

This report was prepared by Charles Feinstein, Wendy Hughes and Tendai Gregan of the World Bank. Energy is a fundamental building block for the Kingdom in its social and economic development and in enhancing the livelihood and well-being of all Tongans. In order to assist discussions among Pacific Island states and development partners, this brief outlines how the economic vulnerability of island nations to increasing oil prices and oil price volatility can be mitigated by a “Whole-of-Sector” energy development approach that seeks to balance:

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Energy and Poverty in the Pacific Island Countries: Challenges and the Way Forward

This report was prepared by the UNDP. The report highlights that access to affordable and sustainable sources of energy has strong linkages with the reduction of poverty/hardship, i.e. if poverty/hardship reduction is an objective, then the provision of energy is an essential prerequisite. In the PICs, where poverty/hardship is often viewed as the lack of access to basic services, opportunities and adequate resources, the case for energy provisioning and access is particularly strong. Provision of essential social services such as health and primary education require energy services.

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Rapid Appraisal Of Bio-Energy-Food Security Nexus in Pacific Island Countries

This report was prepared by K.R Chapman for FAO Sub-Regional Officefor the Pacific. This report presents findings from the conduct a rapid appraisal on the bioenergy-food security nexus at regional level, including selected Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia Pacific island countries. The aim the appraisal was to provide policy-makers a decision-making basis for the prioritization of in-depth country assessments and further analysis to be conducted in the second half of 2009 under the FAO Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) analytical framework.

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Pacific Islands Energy Policy and Plan (2002)

This document represents a regional consensus, affirmed at the 2002 Regional Energy Meeting in Cook Islands via the Rarotonga Declaration.

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Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific (Phase 2): Development of Energy Use Database - Initial Baseline Data on Energy Use

This report was prepared by the International Institute for Energy Conservation for the Asian Development Bank. 

The project is being implemented by the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) over a 3-year period starting from November 2011. This report was prepared to outline initial baseline data on energy use in the five PDMCs based on the Output 1 activities (data compilations and initial surveys)
undertaken in each country from January to September 2012.

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Terms of Reference - Energy Statistics Collection and Analysis in the Pacific

This report was prepared by Peter Johnston. The document reports on the purpose of this assignment being to collect and compile the official country energy data for a forthcoming Energy Outlook and Databook for 14 Pacific developing member countries (PDMCs) of ADB1 in two phases: 1) phase 1 (one person-week) to collect the PDMC energy statistics available in Suva, Fiji Islands; and 2) phase 2 (three person-weeks) to fill the data gaps to the extent practical without visiting all countries and to analyze/interpret the data.

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Green Economy in a Blue World - Pacific Perspectives 2012

This report was prepared by the ESCAP. This publication was prepared under the overall guidance of Iosefa Maiava, Head, ESCAP Pacific Office. The lead authors were, listed alphabetically, Jillian Campbell, Shaswat Sapkota, David Smith, Helen Tavola, and Timothy Westbury. 

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