A marine geological and geophysical survey of the Northern Tonga ridge and adjacent Lau basin

The study of Energy release and Seismicity in the Southwest Pacific : Initially proposed by the Ad hoc Committee in the 1975 CCOP/SOPAC - IDOE Workshop. The project seeks to undertake a series of interrelated studies which have as a common theme the release of seismic and heat energy. Work objectives were:
(1) Geothermal measurements, this would be an extension of existing and planned work on selected islands islands, as Efate Island (Vanuatu), Fiji & Solomon Islands.
(2) Earthquake and volcanic prediction
(3) Seismicity studies along Benioff Zones. A network of ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) stations should be installed along selected trenches in conjunction with stations on islands and trench slopes.

This project ties with other work and was incorporated into the following existing projects. It was closely tied in with the field projects of the Melanesian Borderland, the Fiji Platform, Lau- Tonga Transect, Kermadec Terminus and the various basin projects in this overall programme (IDOE Workshop Programme).

Eiichi Honza
Kieth B. Lewis & Shipboard Party
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