A Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific

The Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific (FAESP) outlines a new approach to improving energy security in the region. It acknowledges that national energy policies and plans must be the principal means for achieving energy security and promotes a ‘whole of sector’ approach, based on the concept of ‘many partners, one team’. This approach recognises that numerous stakeholders contribute to energy security in the region and accepts them as equal partners.

The Framework has 11 guiding principles:

  1. The importance of leadership, transparency, decision-making and governance
  2. National-led solutions supported by regional initiatives
  3. A coordinated whole-of- sector approach
  4. The need for sustainable livelihoods, and recognition of culture, equity and gender issues
  5. The link between sources of energy (primary and secondary) and its uses, and the importance of treating energy as an integrated sector
  6. Cost effective, technically proven and appropriate technological solutions
  7. ‘Environment friendly’ energy solutions
  8. Evidence-based planning – the importance of energy statistics
  9. Appropriate investment in human capital
  10. Many partners, one team
  11.  Financing, monitoring and evaluation

This Framework outlines seven themes for action to improve energy security. The themes embody the eleven guiding principles described earlier.

  1. Leadership, governance, coordination and partnerships
  2. Capacity development, planning, policy and regulatory frameworks
  3. Energy production and supply
  4. Energy conversion
  5. End-use energy consumption
  6. Energy data and information
  7. Financing, monitoring and evaluation
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
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