2015 Census of Population Housing and Agriculture for the Republic of Palau - Volume 1: Basic Tables

The 2015 Census of Population, Housing and Agriculture is the third comprehensive data collection of population and housing characteristics and the first data collection of agriculture included with population and housing taken by the Republic since Compact Implementation in October 1994. The Republic of Palau follows a quinquenial census cycle, but due to lack of funding in 2010, it was not possible to conduct the cebsus/ In 2012, a mini census was conducted to get an idea of the population and housing characteristics', and included education, but did not incorporate all relevant indicators. The 2015 Census follows the 1995, 2000,, and 2005 Censuses, with the 1995 Census as the first official mid-decade census. 

The 2015 Census of Palau has two volumes. The first volume contains the basic tables, which can be used immediately for planning and policy determination. A second volume, the Census monograph, will contain analyses of trends and comparisons of all censuses, and is planned to be published in January, 2017.

Office of Planning and Statistics Palau
Bureau of Budget and Planning
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