2005 CNMI Household, Income, and Expenditures Survey

Preface - This publication contains the result of the 2005 Household, Income, and Expenditure Survey (HIES) that was conducted in the last quarter of 2005 in the CNMI. The publication is organized into two parts and three appendices. 

Part I is a short summary that profiles the general population characteristics, labor force population characteristics and income for the Commonwealth as a whole and for each of
the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota. Part I does not include all the possible topics that are covered in Part II, but only highlights reliable estimates considered to be of most
interest to most users. Included in Part 1 are population thematic maps for Saipan, Tinian and Rota that show how summary statistics can be used with GIS to display information by island in this format. It is left to users to do or request similar analysis with the statistical tables in Part II.

Part II contains detailed statistical tables on many of the topics covered in the 2005 HIES. At the beginning of Part II is a list of tables that may be used as a guide to the various
topics contained in the tables.

Appendix A describes the methodology and data processing for the Survey. Appendix B contains the list of terms used in the report and Appendix C contains maps of Saipan,
Tinian and Rota that show the geographies used in the field data collection and in displaying results of the Survey.

Note that statistical tables in Part II do not include all the possible subject areas covered in the 2005 HIES. As an example, expenditure data was collected in the Survey, but no
tables on this topic is presented in this publication. It will require more resources and expertise to complete processing the rest of the Survey data.

Also, take note, when using the statistical tables in Part II, that some tables include estimates for the entire population while some tables contain estimates only for the sub
population that lived in household units and exclude those persons that lived in group quarters. This is because of the Survey methodology. Please see Appendix A for detail.

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Tokelau Central Statistics Division
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