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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The objective of the exercise is to improve renewable energy infrastructure design and implementation in the Pacific region through provision of reliable cost data.

Many of the renewable energy infrastructure investments in the Pacific are supported by one or more of the PRIF partners through competitive tendering processes. The knowledge product developed in this project will collate available cost data from the PRIF partners, governments and regional organizations into a report on costs for renewable energy infrastructure in the Pacific.  Efforts will also be made to collect data form other significant financiers of renewable energy projects in the Pacific.  This will be made available for PRIF partners, Pacific governments, regional organisations and Pacific utilities to use during infrastructure planning, budgeting, least cost generation planning, project feasibility assessments and project detailed design.

The consultant will review all solar, wind and hydropower grid-connected renewable energy projects in the Pacific in the previous ten years and collate actual cost data. This will include (i) cost data from competitively tendered awarded contracts, and (ii) final cost data after project completion incorporating any cost overruns. This data will be structured to facilitate comparison between projects and principles for the data categorization and all assumptions or hypothesis made will be clearly stated. Data collected will not include cost estimates from feasibility studies or detailed designs. The consultant will prepare forms and templates to consult with PRIF partners (both headquarters and field offices if necessary), other development partners, governments (including power utilities) and regional  agencies. 

The deadline for applications is: 7 December 2017

Please see the link below for more information:

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