Quality Solar System Sales and Awareness on Tanna Island

Monday, 04 Mar 2019

March 2nd, 2019. The people throughout the island of Tanna will be able to purchase quality solar products promoted under the Vanuatu Rural Electrification Program (VREP) from 3 – 13 March.

Department of Energy staffs and approved solar companies will be travelling with the approved solar products throughout the different regions of Tanna island to undertake awareness and sales.

The products being offered through VREP range from “Plug and Play” solar home systems mainly for lighting and phone charging and larger solar home systems capable of powering TVs, refrigerators, freezers and other appliances. The “Plug and Play” solar systems range from 5Watts to 200Watts and are currently subsidized at 50%. The costs range from Vt7,500 to Vt130,000. The Solar Home Systems range from 150Watts to 1,100Watts and are subsidized at 33%. The costs range from Vt56,000 to Vt 999,000.

The current approved solar companies are Computer World, eTech Vanuatu Limited, Power and Communications Solutions (PCS) and Savvy Solar.

The Department of Energy and approved solar companies look forward to the awareness and sales and are asking the general public of Tanna to attend the awareness programs to get more information on VREP and purchase the quality solar systems.

VREP is part of the Government of Vanuatu’s efforts to electrify households and public institutions throughout Vanuatu. It is for all people throughout Vanuatu therefore anyone can go to the four approved solar companies and purchase the approved solar products at the subsidized price. Since 2016, there are over 12,000 products sold covering over 50 islands throughout Vanuatu.


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Source: Daily Post Vanuatu


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